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Ardi Ghorashy & Jane Morgan Discuss 360 Assessments

Are you receiving a 360 assessment? Here’s how to make the most out of it

Be open-minded While the process can highlight your skills and achievements, it can also shed light on some negative aspects perceptions your teammates or managers have about your performance, skills, or personality. These revelations can be shocking and unpleasant. It takes a growth mindset and open-mindedness to be open to feedback. These create cognitive dissonance […]

All About 360 Assessments

You’re not new to performance reviews. Love it or hate it, it’s part of many companies to assess their employees’ suitability for transfers, promotions, and raises, as well as possible dismissal. However, annual or bi-annual reviews don’t tell the total story. That’s where 360 reviews come into play. A 360 review is a wide-ranging, in-depth […]

Feeling stuck? Get Rid Of These 3 Myths About Asking For Help

Many stories we tell ourselves about career success are actually holding us back and keeping us stuck. For many, success means they must look self-reliant, confident, and always sure of what they do. So, when they’re stuck with an issue, they refuse to ask for support. What are some of the myths about asking for […]

Ardi Ghorashy & Jane Morgan discuss Performance Evaluations

How important are performance evaluations to getting that next big promotion?

Performance reviews hang heavy on any employee, especially for those looking to move up within the company. Before you get nervous about your next review, are they really that important to get your next big promotion? In short, no. Performance reviews aren’t always helpful. In fact, a Gallup study shows that only 14% of employees […]